Falk Toy Steam Engine #474/3 - Large Rare Vertical

Falk Toy Steam Engine #474/3 - Large Rare Vertical:

This is a Double Acting Cylinder/Piston Steam Engine made in about 1925 to 1930 in Nurnberg, Germany by Josef Falk. Black Iron base had red pin stripping. Two Tone Dark Red frame holding the flywheel and cylinder/piston has yellow and red pin stripping. Overall it is sold in “As Is” condition – view all pictures and ask questions. This engine is as I found it and I have never tried to run it. The base is 5.25” Square X 14.2” High. Boiler diameter is 3.75” and the Flywheel is diameter is 3.75”. The Cylinder diameter is 1.0” in diameter.

This engine is in the Blechspielzeug Dampfspielzeug German book (pic #29) by von Wolf Kaiser und Carlernst J. Baecker.

The Engine has the following:

Pressure gauge with valve & wood Handle( the top of the gauge is loose and needs to be re-soldered to the vertical support tube.

Water Fill Screw.

Whistle with Wood Handle.

Safety Lever with Weight.

Cylinder with Oil Cap and valve & Wood Handle.

Spinning Governor with spring band connected to the flywheel shaft.

Pulley with red pin stripping & grove in outer circumference & Small Pulley attached.

Boiler Water Drain Valve with wood Handle.

Water Gauge with two valves – Missing Wood
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