The FALL "BBC Radio 1 Live in Concert" 1993 Windsong ~ Recorded 1987 Nottingham

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Track Listings 1. Australians In Europe 2. Shoulder Pads 3. Ghost In My House 4. Hey Luciani 5. Terry Waite Sez 6. Fiery Jack 7. Lucifer Over Lancs

Mark E. Smith was one of the 40-odd people in attendance at the Sex Pistols famous Manchester Lesser Free Trade Hall gig in 1976: it inspired him to form a band and more than 30 years later, The Fall are still touring and releasing new material. Over a prolific career The Fall have been a formative force in the indie-rock genre that developed in the 80s by introducing keyboards, krautrock rhythms and abrasive guitars to the punk and post-punk styles. Through numerous line-up changes, Mark E. Smith has been the only constant. His abstract, absurd lyrics and distinctive shouty voice make him one of the true musical eccentrics of recent times. However, they have never really appealed to the mass market and remain a band with a small but dedicated following.

Their 26 studio albums are all essential to the Fall fanatic: for the rest of us, it's difficult to tell where to start, especially when they have so many live albums and compilations too. Their most acclaimed albums are probably Live at the Witch Trials (1979
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