Faller HO Model of Year 1992 Limited Edition Town Hall; Audio Mechanical Clock

This exclusive 1992 Model of the year is a high quality,limited edition kit. Only 8,000 were made and I have never seen it for sale in US.

The model is constructed from 363 pieces in 7 colors, plus clear for windows. The model features ringing chimes, rotating mechanical figurines in the center dormer of the façade and operating clock. Speakers, motor and internal lights is included

Model is 11¾” by 7½” and by almost 8½” high

Model was purchased in Europe in 1992 and built at that time. The model has been moved several times and a few small decorations are missing. There are some glue marks on roof seams and roof and dormers are loose. Roof is made of multiple parts. Clock, mechanical mechanism and music tape are under roof, which must be removed to service. I have not used the model in about six years and I have not checked the mechanisms or removed the roof since then.