FALLING LEAF: Sulamith Wulfing Import Poster (Holland)

Falling Leaf by Sulamith Wulfing From the collection of Forrest J Ackerman (Poster Measures 24 x 37")
A beautifully haunting poster by German fantasy artist Sulamith Wulfing. This poster was produced in The Netherlands and is rarely seen in the United States. It was acquired by Forrest J Ackerman while in Europe (sometime during the late 1970s) and was then displayed in his world famous Ackermansion up until 2002. The poster measures 24x37". It has pin-holes at the corners, but is otherwise in great condition.
About Sulamith Wulfing : Born in Germany in 1901, Sulamith Wulfing began drawing at the age of 4. Her family concerned itself with spiritual matters; in fact, her father was a Theosophist. A touch of the supernatural embues all her work. She attended Art College in Wuppertal and completed her course of studies t in 1921. Her home and much of her art was destroyed during WW2. She continued to draw and paint until her death in 1989.