RARE Famous 1944 No P Francis Leroy Henning Jefferson War Nickel 5 five cents

Here's a peculiar item.
This is a 1944 dated Jefferson wartime nickel without the P over the dome. This is the nickel with the story made famous by Francis Leroy Henning of Erial NJ.
The five cent piece appears to be in very good to fine condition ..... It has the telltale loop in the R of PLURIBUS. No mintmark.
A great conversation piece with a great, interesting history.
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Here is part of the Henning story :

An unofficial variety of the 1944 P nickel was counterfeited by Francis Leroy Henning in 1954. Henning was a 62 year old mechanical engineer from Erial New Jersey. The fakes were quickly spotted because Henning neglected to add a large P above the dome -- which would have occured on a War Year nickel. Also, the R in Pluribus on the reverse side had a loop in the lower left leg.

It is estimated that 100,000 of Henning's nickels reached circulation. After learning the authorities were hot on his trail --- he reported dumped about 200,000 nickels and his dies in the Cooper River. 14,000 were recovered.

Ironically, the counterfeit 1944 Henning nickel without the P has become one of the most prized Jefferson nickels ever circulated ....

The book by Dwight H. Stuckey tells the fantastic story of Henning ..... Key players and places are : 1954 : Members of the Camden County Coin CLub discover "error" nickels but learn they are counterfeit. Teller at the Pennsauken Nation Bank alerts the Secret Service that he may have stumbled across a quantity of counterfeit nickels. Secret Service and Philadelphia Mint initially determine that the coins are real. Merchantville man also reports finding fake nickels.Nickels are now determined to be good counterfeits. Audobon National bank branch is alerted to counterfeit coins in area.Philadelphia Inquirer and Courier Post alert public and Henning that unkown "Mint" is operating somewhere in the vicinity of Camden NJ. Henning departs to Ohio and his abandoned "mint" is found in Berlin NJ. A captured Henning is returned to the area and he leads authorities to the Cooper Creek in Haddonfield NJ --- where he has dumped coins, dies and blanks .... The rest ..... is history !!!!

This is the most sought after coin of all the Henning fakes because this is the one that lead authorities to the trail of Henning ---- and convinced them that there was a coin counterfeiter in the area. ( This coin that is missing the P and also has the loop in the R on the reverse side. ) His other coins were that good. It is also reported that Henning made counterfeits with the dates of 1939, 1944, 1946, 1947 and 1953. Some of these may mistakenly have the large P over the dome on the reverse ( Only the war year nickels should have that.) There may be other variations found .....

Book is not included in this auction ....

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