Famous Monsters of FIlmland #12 June 1961 VF

Filled with photos and articles on rare and obscure science fiction, horror and monster movies and the people that made them.
VF condition, with some wear along spine.
*An interesting note for fans of Danzig and horror punk: this is the magazine where the Misfits got the font for their logo!
I have been trading in records, books, and other subcultural collectibles for over ten years. I am happy to answer questions about anything I have for sale.
All of the magazines I sell have been stored in plastic sleeves.
Thanks for looking, and have a great day!

In response to member question:
Dear grannyisland,
Hello. Does this issue have any writing in the coupons or in the rest of the mag? Are there missing coupons or pictures? Dos the spine have any tape on it?
Thank you.
There is no writing inside or on the covers. All the pagers are there, without marks or rips, and no coupons have been cut out. The spine is split from the bottom up to the bottom staple, but the staples still hold the cover and pages together, and there is no tape.
Thanks for asking!
- grannyisland