FANTASTIC Baccarat Harcourt Rhine Wines Set of 12 Rose

This is an amazing set of 12 signed Rhine wine glasses measuring 7 3/8" high in a rose cranberry overlay cut to clear. They are in excellent unused condition and ring like a bell. Only five of them have the acid mark but t is no doubt about them being Baccarat. These sell for 500.00 each in the stores and my price is one third of that. This is only a three day auction and t is not going to be a relist on these - this is a chance to save over 4000.00 on a fabulous set which you rarely see as a set of twelve. Just think, the taxes alone on these glasses brand new in New York would be almost 550.00 so all in all it would be 4500.00 saved on a spectacular set that would only appreciate in value. Yes I do take paypal and the shipping is not going to be cheap because of the insurance and extra care required.