This is a superb early Victorian fire screen . It has been displayed until recently in a Scottish grand house it was framed and glaced, in the past it was part of a fire screen. I am selling it without the frame, so it will be easier and cheaper to send. The whole of the piece is a real work of art, the background ,the mythological rampant horse and unicorn, the banners with the two flags of Scotland, the scrolls and latin words of the motto are in the finest beadwork, the gold embroidery in the centre shield and animals collars is silk, the astride lion, part of the crown and background scroll to the motto are made in wool. The fringe is twisted beaded work, the bottom fringe each twist ends with a faceted jet bead 1/2 cm.wide.The beads in the banner are tiny, those in the fringe larger.This is a very colorful piece, the beads are white,clear, milky, several shades of brown,yellow, black, ochre,the wonderful green of the background,pale blue, black, red, cut steel and pearls. The Motto (in latin) at the top reads " IN DEFENCE", at the bottom "NEMO ME IMPUNE LACESST" The back is lined in the original silk and still has the hooks to anchor it to the screen frame.

This is a truly beautiful piece, it could have been done only by a very accomplished needlewoman and it must have taken ages to make, pictures really do not do justice
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