Fantastic Copy"ORDER of VICTORY"-SUPERB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fantastic, very IMPRESSIVE copy. No diamonds, rubies, gold , just beautiful craftsmanship. Satisfaction is absolutely guaranteed. Comes with nice protective / presentation leather box. New condition, no a scratch! Buyer pays $5.00 for Priority shipping in the USA with delivery confirmation. Credit cards, PayPal accepted. Good Luck! Somehow the Kremlin looks of silver color. These are my photo skills. The Kremlin is the golden one. The box will be different! Looks like I found a much better one, and the order will look even richer! IMPORTANT: This is the last week of our eBay season. We will be leaving for Russia in the middle of June for our summer shopping trip. We leave ourselves plenty of time to ship the merchandise and to take care of the matter if something goes wrong. (This is life, and, though extremely rare, things do happen.) We wish all eBay community fun and safe summer! See you somew in September!