Fantastic Four #103 CGC 9.8 #0798923005(Sub-Mariner and Magneto Appear). White

Story: "At War with Atlantis!"

How does Magneto convince Namor to strike at the surface world? Who travels to Whisper Hill to drop off Franklin at Agatha Harkness' home? Who asks the Fantastic Four to stop Namor from fighting the surface world? Who travels to the ocean floor to convince Namor to stop fighting? How does Magneto cause Namor and the Fantastic Four to confront each other? What happens when the Thing battles Namor? Who does Magneto kidnap? Who seizes the Atlantean Army? When Reed, Ben, Johnny, and Namor become aware of Magneto's deception what do they find when they enter the control room? What does Magento demand of them? All these mind-bending questions are answered in "At War with Atlantis!". CGC Label: Universal Grade: 9.8(NM/MT) Page Quality: White Description: Sub-Mariner and Magneto Appearance. President Richard M. Nixon Cameo. Stan Lee S tory. John Romita and John Verpoorten Cover and Art. October 1970 Bronze Age.
This is t he highest graded CGC comic for Fantastic Four #103. There exist only 4 CGC comics with this rare and in-demand 9.8 NM/MT grade. With white pages this is the best obtainable Fantastic Four #103. It has nice square corners, brilliant colors, and full color gloss! This is one super comic! One that all Fantastic Four fans should have in their collection!
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