Fantastic Four #27 (June 1964, Marvel) Sub-Mariner & Dr. Strange App - Very Good

This listing for the comic book listed in the title and shown in the pictures. Pictures 1 to 5 are actual pictures of the comic. The last 2 pictures are scans. I have listed as much detail shown below as possible without going into the minutia. Thanks for looking!
Comic front condition (flaws that might not be visible in the photos): 15+ spine stress/creases (Longest stress/crease line is 3/8 inch) Small vertical creasing along entire spine Light color fade through out front cover due to aging process 7+ small tears along upper edge of cover (Longest tear is 1/8 inch) Fold along entire upper edge of cover Date stamp (Mar 10 Rec) on middle right edge 7+ small swirly creases through out cover (longest crease is 3/8 inch) 7+ small light indentations/poke marks 5+ finger dents 1 inch vertical fold/crease in upper left area (apparent through out entire comic) 3 vertical folds right side of comic (Longest fold is 1 1/2 inch) Small wear along bottom edge of cover 2 Small folds top edge front cove All 4 corners have wear (Blunting in lower left corner) Off-centered Comic back condition (flaws that might not be visible in the photos): Light color fade throughout back cover due to aging process 20+ spine stress/crease (Longest stress/crease line is 3/4 inch) Darkening along outer edge of entire comic (not including spine area) 5 swirly
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