Fantastic Four 72 Big Pages Annual Vol. 1 #3 1965

Fantastic Four 72 Big Pages Annual Vol. 1 #3 1965

Sensational: "THE WEDDING OF SUE AND REED! Featuring: The world's most colossal collection of costumed characters. Crazily cavorting and capering in continual combat!

Also, The 2 most Requested F.F. Issues Since #1!! Complet and Unabridged! Issue #6: featuring Sub-Mariner Teamed up with Dr. Doom!! And Issue # 11: "A Visit with the Fantastic Four!" and" The Impossible Man!"

Good reflectivity, and color on cover. Corners are blunted, bottom of binding(about 2 inches from bottom) is torn in several places and just hanging on. Creases and wear showing across the bottom and on corner. Binding is flat, several creases. Staples are clean, intact, and no discoloration. Pages are cream to lt. Tan. .

We graded Overstreet Guide 2.0 - 4.0 GD - VG $17.. - $34.

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