FANTASTIC FOUR #79 (Oct. 1968) Crystal, the Inhuman

FORAUCTION: Fantastic Four #79 (Oct. 1968) by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby: “A Monster Forever?”

Reed and Sue worry about the health of their unborn child. Johnny & Crystal do the town. Ben Grimm is no

longer the Thing. While on a date, he and Alicia are attacked by one of the Mad Thinker’s super-androids.

This comic is from my personal collection and has been in my possession since 1968. It is solid and complete.

The cover and center fold are completely and solidly attached. The pages are off-white and supple. There is

some wear around the edges, but there are no creases, folds, marks or writing anywhere. I’m not a

professional grader, but I think you’ll find this comic to be AT LEAST in VERY GOOD to FINE condition. I grade

on the low side just to be safe. I like to have the buyer pleased to be getting a comic in better condition than


I’m not a professional dealer. I buy comics to read and enjoy. I’ve been collecting comics for over

50 years, and once again I’m forced by space limitations to thin the herd.

There is NO RESERVE PRICE for this auction! If no one else bids for it, it can be yours for 99 cents!

The item photographed or scanned is the one you will receive.

Feel free to email any questions you may
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