Fantastic Ultra Thin Tiger & Gold Striped Blade ~ LM

Ultra Thin Agate Basin Tiger & Gold Striped Blade
Material: Mahogany & Gold Sheen Striped Obsidian
The Mahogany shows in any light; turn this blade over in bright light and watch gold sheen emerge through the stripes of the tiger! (This piece of sheen was purchased from Mark Wheeler, Eugene, OR. Thanks, Mark!)

Size: 5 1/2" x 1 1/4"

Style: Knife Blade

Good luck at the auctions!

The magic of Sheen Obsidian is difficult to adequately describe...
in this case, pictures ARE worth a thousand words!
is an example of the progression of color on Sheen Obsidian,
by simply moving the light source or rotating the point or blade.

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The Knapper & His Craft: This was crafted by internationally recognized and award winning artist/flint-knapper Lyal Moen. Mr. Moen frequently features items fashioned in a lapidary knapping technique known as flake-over-grinding, which allows for conservation of precious resources and facilitates the fine-flaking pattern for which Mr. Moen has become recognized. From time to time, he enjoys working pieces in the more traditional methods, as well. With each piece, he strives to uncover the spirit of the stone.

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