Fantastic Victorian "Shannon File Co, Rochester NY" Desk/Bureau (tambour front)

You are bidding on this wonderful wooden piece of furniture which is made by the famous company "Shannon" who have created pieces of quality office furniture in the 1880s. The lower half has a tambour front which opens smoothly to reveal several small drawers and four larger drawers. Two of the larger drawers have inside them the heavy metal Shannon Arch file which is embossed with: "Shannon File Co. Limited, Rochester, N.Y." and attached to them are the original card Index and advertisements for the Shannon File Co Binding Case and Filing Cabinet. These are really fun and I have seen the lever arch being sold as a piece on its own with the following info: According to a 1909 history of the Yawman & Erbe Mfg. Co., "About 1877 a contrivance called the Shannon Arch File, for filing letters, bills, and other papers, was invented, patented, and put on the market by a Mr. James Shannon...consisting of a board, an arch, a compressor cover, an index, and a perforator. During the year 1883, the Shannon Arch File, with all its patents and other rights, was purchased by a Rochester concern...
The top half of the desk/bureau folds forward and becomes the desk with blue felt covering. This felt is in very worn condition with a piece missing as can be seen. There are various compartments
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