Fantasy of the Crystal Chess Set

This is the Fantasy of the Crystal chess set. It consists (as all chess sets do) of 8 trumps on the "black" side and 8 on the "white" side with 8 pawns on either side. This set has the rooks the same on either side (Castle of Hope and Fortress of Doom).

This set comes with a custom board that nestles each piece inside the board, out of harm's way (and dust's way:).

T is also a book that tells a story of the war between these two countries and details the characters that the pieces are "based on".

It's really cool, but I swear my house is shrinking and one of the missing "pieces" was knocked over by my dog's tail as she was playing and the crystal broke off (I have it if you're interested, just not the crystal--I'll include it at no extra charge). If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me.

Postage will be actual shipping, not some elevated, screw-you in the shipping cost, so let me know your zip if you bid and I'll let you know s/h costs.