FANTASY & SCIENCE FICTION: Large Lot: 97 Magazines: 1999-2007: Near Complete Run

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This lot features 97 issues of "Fantasy & Science Fiction". It is a nearly complete run from January of 1999 through December of 2007 (missing only 2 issues I believe). These magazines were not purchased with collecting or resale in mind. I got 'em to read and just got tossed them in a big old box when I was done with them so they do show some general wear. However, this series did not hit it off with me so many of these are unread and in very nice shape. They were a subscription so they also have address labels. I was going to just drop them off at a local auction house (they are listed on Craig's List) but thought I would list them here as well. A lot of good reading for the Fantasy / Sci-Fi fan in this lot. All are pictured above and

Title Year Issues Comments Fantasy & Science Fiction 1999 11 Complete year Fantasy & Science Fiction 2000 10 Missing June issue Fantasy & Science Fiction 2001 11 Complete year Fantasy & Science Fiction 2002 11 Complete year Fantasy & Science Fiction 2003 11 Complete year Fantasy & Science Fiction 2004 11 Complete year Fantasy & Science Fiction 2005 10 Missing June issue Fantasy & Science Fiction 2006 11 Complete year Fantasy & Science Fiction 2007 11 Complete year

Be sure and check my other sales. I will be listing tons of Golden, Silver, and Bronze Age comics - most in attractive lots.


I am a long-time eBay comic book guy who has been away for a few years doin' other stuff. I am a collector who buys collections that have books I want and then eventually sells the extras to recoup some of my cost so I can do it all over again. (Only way I can afford to play.) I have allowed my extras to get completely out of control so I intend to seriously pare down my comics. I will be selling thousands of comics in the relatively near future (more if I decide to part with some of my core collection). You will not see much junk. I drop that off at a local auction house. I will be listing Golden Age, Silver Age, Bronze Age, and some nice Modern stuff - most of which will be sold in attractive lots with low starting prices. Marvel and DC Super heroes will be in the mix, of course, but there will be more interesting comics as well. Things you don't see every day.

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