The Fantasy Trip Collection TFT Metagaming microgames

is a big collection of The Fantasy Trip role playing game. These were produced by Metagaming in the late 1970s and early 1980s. This is the precursor to Steve Jackson's GURPs system. This collection includes:Melee - missing the pieces and the map. Wizard - The pieces are uncut but I had mounted the board for easier play. Microquests 1-8 Death Test - Uncut pieces Death Test 2 - no counters Grail Quest - no counters Treasure of the Silver Dragon - complete Security Station - complete Treasure of Unicorn Gold - complete Master of the Amulets - complete Orb Quest - complete And when I say complete, I am not talking about the dies that came with the games. They all disappeared years ago. But wait t's more! Advanced Melee book! Advanced Wizard book! In The Labyrinth book! Fantasy Masters' Screen! Tollenkar's Lair Adventure Supplement book! A packet of Character Record Sheets approved for all TFT games! and a stack of xeroxed sheets because I didn't want to use the official sheets! Some of the boxes have seen better days but others are in as good a condition as the day I bought them.