Fantasy Unlimited no.22 rare fanzine 1974 Julius Schwartz Earth-Two Swamp Thing

More classic comic fanzines from my collection bult up over the years...

Fantasy Unlimited no.22, Nov 1974

Original cover of Swamp Thing & Donald Duck / Batman, Graveyard, The Flash & Scottish Warriors "Covers That Didn't Quite Make It no.2" by Superswipe / Doc Garrick, Laurence Piper, Colin Jennings, Steven Baskerville

High quality issue of Alan Austin's seminal comics fanzine of the 1970s

Rarity: Print run 300, very rare

Condition: FN but missing final two listings sheets (stapled sheets)

Full contents:

"Editorial" on British fan-artists 1pg, "The Chronicles Of Earth-Two" Julius Schwartz & Earth-Two feature with Greg Chown "Green Lantern", "Earth-Two Batman", "Doctor Fate" art & Andy Johnson "Doctor Mid-Nite" & Superswipe "The Two Flashes", "Starman", "Black Canary" art, with "An Index Of The Chronicles Of Earth-Two" feature - Flash no.123 (1961) to Adventure Comics no.435 (1974) 13pg, Alan Hunter "We Want Information" art & feature including questions & answers on Batman The Movie, Steranko, big names in comics, Barry Windsor Smith etc with "Major artists who have worked for DC" index 5pg, Greg Chown? "Thursby And Dowd... Detective" strip 5pg, "The Worlds Of Emlock" comic review feature 2pg, "Mail Unlimited" LOCs with Rafael Gonzalez "Dracula"
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