Faraway Forest Water Sprite Barbie Doll LE 4800 Pre-Order 2016 Ships March

Water Sprite Barbie Doll Faraway Forest Doll #4 in the Series PRE-ORDER

Barbie Faraway Forest Series Doll #4 in the Series Pre-order

Gold Label®

Designer: Bill Greening

Release Date: 2/22/2016

Product Code: DGX95

Quantity Produced: 4800

Body Type: Model Muse

Facial Sculpt: Karl Lagerfeld Barbie

The fourth doll in the collection embodies the ephemeral beauty of her home, the Magical Lagoon™. Glimmering like a lake splashed with sunlight, Barbie® doll's mermaid-inspired, foil-printed gown features iridescent accents woven into the bodice and skirt ruffles. Her stole, an undulating wave of chiffon, connects to ornate bracelets that complement the bodice detailing.

An island made up of many lands--some beautiful, others disquieting, Faraway Forest™ is home to elves, fairies, and water nymphs. Mortal royalty live here, too, as well as unknown creatures who dwell in deep, blue Crystal Caves™. If you are lucky, you will meet them all while you journey with us.

From the Magical Lagoon™ to the Mystical Meadows™ and far beyond to the White Woods™, Faraway Forest is a mythical, marvelous place. Some distant corners can be dark and treacherous; other spots are beautiful beyond imagination and hold glorious treasures. But little here is as it seems. Not even the winds or the
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