Fare Counter For Trolley or Train, Money Meters Inc.

Fare counter for trolley or train made by Money-Meters Inc, Providence Rhose Island. The coin, was placed in the very top. This slot looks like it could be for a dime or perhaps a penny. It is dropped down and apparently kept in a small area w t most likely was a lock and key. That section appears to be missing, on the right bottom, w t is an opening. The piece actualy works. If the dime is dropped a bell goes off and if the lever is pushed the number increases. The coin comes out because of the missing piece. T is a lever on the left side that pushes it. It moves smoothly but nothing else seems to move with it. T are two counters covered in glass. One has 00282 and the other 18004. I don't know what each is used for. At least one of them counted the passengers. The numbers 7390 are displayed in 4 different locations on the counter. Approximately 5 1/2 inches from top to bottom. 3 1/4 across at the widest. PayPal can be used. Shipping is $ 7.00 by priority mail USPO.