Farfingle's Farfingle Dept 56 Ultra Rare Variant Grinch Dr Seuss Enesco Geisel

Quite possibly the only one of it's kind! Maybe the rarest Department 56 building ever!

This was given to me back in 2001 through a former employee from Department 56. Many times Department 56 would create a building and have it sent to the product development team as a finished piece. This piece was one of those and was intended to be the original incarnation of Farfingles Department Store to be produced for the masses. Then as you can tell this piece was changed drastically and then introduced to the marketplace the way you see it today. So to make a long story short please check this piece out and unless someone else says differently this is something very special and I have searched high and low for anything indicating that this made it into the marketplace the way this one is finished (there may be one sitting in a Department 56 Corporate display in Eden Prairie).

This is rarer than the Norman Church, this is rarer than the Halloween Haunted Mansion with the black roof!!!!

If you need a picture for reference of what this item looks like for the masses just google or bing Farfingles Department Store...

Some Highlights:

Windows painted Pink vs. crimson red on common

Decorative attachments are Pink vs. crimson red on common

Front door is Purple/Violet vs. blue on common

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