Fatboy handwound Strat pickups on loaded relic guard

For sale, reluctantly ltting go a project peice, thse have never been installed, they are fatboy foley handwound u boutique pups, with a custom stagger to suit modern 9.5 radius necks, also coms with the fatboy wiring and bledner pot, 1mfd tone cap tc. The atcual guard is a parchment 62 type aged relic, and the relic pickup covers are also included - please note the plastics are not fatboy but in my opinion are of similar quality, belwo are further specs and a videeo link:


Best of 2008 winner! Guitar & Bass Winter 2008 magazine

Video demonstration at bottom of page please scroll down

You are bidding on a 62 reissue full prewired assembly ready to load into your guitar, all you need to do is connect the 2 wires to the jack socket and 1 wire to the trem claw. This set is top quality in the form of parts, build and TONE.

£165.00 for a full prewired set!!!!!!!!!!

These prewired sets are constructed from NEW parts and have NOT been removed from second hand guitars. I build these to look old so everything under the guard is NEW - pots, switch, wire, cap etc.....

Everything is made here in my workshop to the highest standards. All pickups come with LIFETIME WARRENTY to original purchaser, i build them so i know the quality of construction, so i can give this
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