Faust Anheuser Busch Beer Tap Handle

This is a Faust Anheuser Busch Beer tap handle. The handle is 13" tall and 3" wide at the base above the tap connection. These were produced for the Anheuser Busch promotion for Faust beer back around 19995. These are extremely difficult to come by and this one is in great shape. It has no cracks in the body or support at all. The tap connection is tight and does not wobble. The hands are intact with no fingers broken off and no paint missing from use. There is some paint damage on one side near and on the capital F. The damage is scraped paint about 1/8" x 1/16" in size. There are three of these blemishes all within 1.25". Looks like it brushed up against something. The colors are vibrant and no fading is visible and the Anheuser Busch lable is completely intact with no marks or blemishes of any kind. These were molde pieces and there are no splits or cracking along the mold seam. As always thanks for looking and enjoy the auction.