Faux Ivory SQUARE Blank 7 x 7 x 3/4 thick Scrimshaw!!!

Polyurethane Scales/Blanks

I have received many requests to offer knife scales in the same material and colors as my gun grips.

Please see my store listings for OVER 200 Gun grips AND 20 MORE BLANKS, CYLINDERS ETC.

This listing is for one 7" SQUARE, 3/4 inch thick scale.

This material works easily and will polish very nicely with 3M automotive refinishers polish. It has the look and feel of real BONE , not plastic. It has grain, light and darker color patterns, and every aspect you would expect from a hunk of bone.

Beacuse of the nature of the epoxy it will accept SCRIMSHAW ink and absorb it into the pores of the epoxy with minimal bleeding of the ink. Just sand the surfaces smooth, seal the pores completely with some form of wax and Scrinshaw the artwork. The wax should seal the pores and prevent ink bleedover.

Cutting to size is best done with a fine tooth blade on a Table saw or Band saw.

All my listings are set to Auto Re-list. If you want more than one of a certain grip, make the purchase, but DO NOT PAY, wait a moment and the listing will reappear. Simply make the second purchase but again, do not pay. I will send a combined invoice.

I created a FAQ page in my store to address the many questions I receive daily. Please refer to it and you might find the
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