Favorite America Songbirds plate collection by Thompson

This is the "Favorite American Songbirds" entire collection by Linda Thompson, and Produced by River Shore. Everyone is in Excellent condition, no chips or dings. They arrived to me in original packaging, and the plastic bag still around them. Each comes in its original box. is some more information: Starting in the picture, with all eight plates, bottom left to right one through four, and top left to right five through eight.

1. Western Tanager 1985 2900T

2. Purple Finches 1985 1513T

3. Mountain Friends 1985 1026T

4. Cardinal 1986 0774T

5. Barn Swallow 1986 1212T

6. Canyon Wren 1986 1682T

7. Mocking Bird 1986 1237T

8. Wood Thrush 1986 1121T