fe20 Mexico #6 ½R Tabasco Sz 1554 + Official Seal NF$65

the Selected Classic Mexican Stamps

fe20 Mexico #6 ½R Tabasco Sz 1554 + Official Seal NF$65 Nice Piece! Please note that I will sometimes put in copies of cancels to illustrate how the complete cancel looks. These are not cancelled stamps on piece. If any item is on piece it will be noted as being so or listed on PC. Nice in any collection, this will be great in yours. .

I am pleased to offer a multitude of early Mexican classic stamps that have come from some of the most advanced collections of Mexico to come on the market in years. There are hundreds of early issues with both better condition as well as better cancels that I will be listing over the next few months. Many of these cancels I have never handled before. Nevertheless, I will continue to put fine Mexican stamps and covers up to satisfy the novice to the advanced collectors. Please look at all my lots to find some great stamps to put into your collection.

Please don't make the mistake of thinking anything in Mexico stamps is common. Mexican stamps are some of the most difficult to find, and it is only because there are a limited number of collectors that you can purchase these at such good prices. So, please look at more than just this stamp. So, please take a look at the others I have listed and maybe you will find some items to add to your collection.
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