FEAR 1/2sh '56 close-up art of Ingrid Bergman, Roberto Rossellini's La Paura!

An Original 1956 Vintage Theatrical Folded Half-Sheet Movie Poster (1/2sh; measures 22" x 28" [56 x 71 cm])
La Paura, the 1954 Roberto Rossellini West German/Italian suspense thriller starring Ingrid Bergman, Mathias Wieman, and Renate Mannhardt (U.S.)
Condition: good -- The poster was folded in half an extra time resulting in a light vertical foldline at left and right. There are some creases and tears of varying lengths around the edges of the poster (some of which have been repaired with tape from the back). Please see our super-sized image to get a good sense of the condition of this item prior to placing a bid.