A FEAST OF SONGS - Holiday Music from the Middle Ages

"A Feast of Songs" Medieval and Renaissance Music CD

This is a new shrink-wrapped CD of high energy, beautiful early music perfect for the holidays and the rest of the year! Please check out the samples below.

A Feast of Songs: Holiday Music from the Middle Ages is a lively collection of ancient songs and dances that celebrate the winter season, including Christmas, the Winter Solstice, and other associated festivals and holidays. Songs from the British Isles, Ireland, Germany, France, Poland and Sweden infuse Medieval and Renaissance melodies with a vibrant energy that awakens the spirits of past ages. This recording includes vocals and a huge variety of traditional and period acoustic instruments, with creative musical arrangements that remain true to tradition but breathe fresh life and energy. Fans of this CD also like Loreena McKennitt, Dead Can Dance, Anonymous 4, and Angels of Venice.

The Musicians:
Barry and Beth Hall sing and perform on lute, dulcimer, viola, violin, mandolin, guitar, sitgar, flute, recorders, French horn, herald trumpet, doumbek, tar, bodhrán, tabor, tambourine, cymbals, bells, African drums, and other percussion instruments. The duo have performed as soloists and with ensembles throughout the concert halls of North America and the cathedrals of Europe. Their musical performances
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