Historically accurate replica of a Sioux style feather bonnet of the Indian Wars era (c. 1870's) made by Bill & Kathy Brewer of Greenville, IL. Hand painted turkey feathers, representing immature golden eagle feathers, have cotton thread wrapped red wool trade cloth "firecrackers", with purple dyed fluffs and hand painted imitation eagle spade feathers above. The tips of the feathers are decorated with ermine spots and yellow dyed horse hair. Sinew sewn brain-tanned buckskin cap is covered in turkey fluffs and has a cluster of cut and stripped orange dyed turkey feathers painted to resemble hawk feathers on crown surmounted by the major plume. Browband is beaded with old time color seed beads. On either side of browband are dyed silk ribbon appendages, a whole ermine skin drop and a plume. The bonnet is given an overall "aged" appearance.