Feather Flower-Carnation-Bouquet for Vanishing Cane

Feather Flower-Carnation-Bouquet for Vanishing Cane

A very nice Feather Carnation production bouquet to be used with a vanishing cane (NOT INCLUDED-available on-line, Fantasio is the best!!) This item comes in 2 parts and screws together to become 36 inches long with 12 Carnations. T is a loop on the bottom to attach to the cane. This is a nice alternative to producing a silk when you vanish the cane. A very nice, quality-made item that will last for years!

These beautiful feather flowers were manufactured by Featherking Enterprise , Malaysia in the early 1990's. Although this item has never been used, it does show signs of poor storage. With steam and a little TLC, you may be able to restore this item. This company uses only the highest quality goose feathers in their products. As they have been out of business for several years, now may be your last chance to obtain samples of their beautiful work!!


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