FEATHERCRAFT Feather Craft Mexico Mexican Bird Vintage


The largest of the 3 pictures measures 16 inches x 8 inches, framed. The back has "The Story of Mexican FEATHERCRAFT", and is marked, MADE IN MEXICO. This FEATHERCRAFT piece has a large bird with wonderful details, lots of different feathers and markings. The painting is also nice and detailed. T are some marks on the black background, on the bottom right corner as pictured. T is no glass in this frame. The second piece is 12.50 inches x 6.50 inches, framed. It has a beige background with some brown speckles. This one also has nice details in the feathers and painting. On the back is a paper titled: Mexican Feathercraft, it is manufactured for Keaton's Importing Co. Nogales, Arizona. This one does have glass. The smallest one measures 8.50 inches x 5.25 inches. T is a black background and no glass. The cardboard on the back is marked: HECHO EN MEXICO. This bird is mainly red, but with other colors mixed in, reminds me of a parrot. Very nice details! All 3 of these pictures have great carved wood frames, all of the patterns are different, but work great together. The paper on the back of the largest one says that the frame is made of Hand Carved Cedar. This one has as split on the bottom edge, but it is not noticeable unless you are looking at the bottom side of the frame,
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