Featherweight Book Nancy Johnson-Srebro 3 ed

Auctions By iblawson Retired Firefighter Featherweight 221 Book Expanded Third Edition by Nancy Johnson-Srebro .This includes History and Service Manual Chapters Up for auction is this Brand New Book for the Singer Featherweight Lover ! Beautiful 220 Pages , with 19 Chapters, of very interesting, fun-filled facts, and history of the Featherweight Machines. 38 color photos and over 75 black & white, to include graphics and drawings. This book is an overview of 70 years of History, using factory and historical records ! Did you know that the Featherweight was actually derived from a defunct manufacturer ? Did you know that the Featherweight was first introduced at the 1933 Chicago Worlds fair ? Discover the " Birth Date " and manufacturer of your Featherweight with this valuable , informative , book. Covers Featherweights from 1933 to 1970, including the " European 220 " models. The Chapters cover, The beginning, the Featherweight name, design feature, production history, Free-Arms and Gremlins, Limited & Rare Editions , table and cabinets, tells how to date your machine, and the serial numbers assigned, and covers the carrying cases, along with a Chapter on Servicing and Maintaining your Featherweight, and how to use the Featherweight Attachments. Tells how to find and locate a classic Featherweight. Expanded Third Edition ... read more