Federal Amber Mini-Beer Mugs/Shot Glasses/Toothpick Holders (Bakers Doz.)

Please to look closely/carefully at the pictures as they are your best description. You are bidding on/buying a set of 12 Federal Amber mini-mug beer/shot glasses. There are no chips or cracks, all have the Federal Shield on the bottom. I'm not sure about the history or origin/original function of these items. Some have said they are shot glasses and others say they are toothpick holders. A Senior Citizen once told me that when they were a youngster that: They came with flavored syrup in them and were covered with a wax sealing cover and they were like a nickle and basically expensive for the time period. But she also told me a cow had jumped over the moon which was made of green cheese. If somebody checking these out has the real scoop, PLEASE to write with the information. Please note shipping cost aslisted is only anestimate , set high so as to encourage folks to Please Wait for an Invoice . If you pay upon winning the bid, I will refund any excess postage/shipping moneys sent (if over more than $.50), after shipping the item(s). Item(s) will ship USPS (parcel post select/flat rate box or 1 st class) and or UPS (whichever is cheaper) shipping cost includes Insurance . I do not charge a handling/packing fee. If when upon receiving your invoice you find yourself suffering from shipping sticker shock---Don't worry----Be happy--- ... read more