Federal Variometer Radio Tuning Coil. Ca 1920s Crystal

This is Federal Variometer Tuning Coil from the 1920's. These were used as variable inductor tuners for radios in the early days of radio. This unit is built solidly with a metal frame and Bakelite ribs. The rotor and the stator coils are wound with cloth covered copper wire. Two screw terminals on the rear provide connections. A metal bracket allows for panel mounting using four screws. A handsome skirted Bakelite knob is graduated from 0 to 100. Inductance varies from about 80 to 1200 microhenries as the rotor is turned.

Size is 5"H x 3 ½"W x 6 ½"D behind panel mount.

The coils are wound tightly with the exception of a few places w they have separated, but this does not affect proper operation. The rotor turns freely and smoothly inside the stator coil. The FEDERAL logo on the metal tag has partly worn away but is still legible. (see photo)

This will make a fine tuner for a "vintage" radio or crystal set project. And it displays very well.

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