Feeder boat / bait boat V3 27 MHz / L 62cm / RTR

� Bait boat / bait boat V 3 27 MHz / L 62cm / RTR�

Bait boat with two electric motors, including Battery, remote control and charger. You can have up to 2 kg of fish feed zuladen and with a one-handed remote control, the Bring boat in the desired position. With installed position lights are also trips possible at night. The unloading of forage or Bait happens to Hife a threaded drive. For enough propulsion comes from two 540 he Electric motors through a gear be slowed, each motor is electronically controlled and trims himself. The Drive screws are completely in the fuselage be admitted and, thereby Protected Wasserflanzen, this ensures the Driving in almost every G

� � Specifications

Model: bait boat / bait boat RTR Engine: 2 x 380 he electric motor Battery: 3,7 V 10 Ah Li-ion manganese battery Speed: 1,5 m / s Range: about 300 meters Dimensions (L x W x H): 610 mm x 250 mm x 180 mm Weight: about 3 kg (including battery) Futterzuladung: 2 kg Remote control: - left / right | - Forward | - Unload Frequency: 27 MHz

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Bait boat / bait boat RTR 3,7 V 10 Ah Li-ion manganese battery Charger Remote Control Manual

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