Feldpost - elite guard battalion - Gestapo prison Brünn 1941 - Holocaust - KZ

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Mega rare Waffen-SS Feldpost card, sent by a SS man to his comrade of the 4th/SS Wachbattalion in Bohemia-Moravia in Brno. This battalion is mentioned on the German google.books website. The battalion guarded the inmates of Gestapo prison in Brno, also well known as "small fortress Terezin". The prison was the largest in Bohemia-Moravia. According to English Wikipedia, 32.000 people arrived there and were usually sent to a concentration camp. 2500 inmates died in the fortress because of torture and diseases. Commander of the fortress was SS-Hauptsturmführer Heinrich Jöckel.
On the offered postcard is a Berlin postmark, the note "SS-Feldpost" and the address: Werner Reintrog - 4./SS Wachbattalion - Bohemia-Moravia - Brno - official mail
The text reads:
dear Werner ! a kind salute from here, by Strowel. Tomorrow I will move to...unreadable...