Felicity's Christmas gown

Felicity's Christmas Gown and Stomacher The gown is Blue taffeta. Blue satin ribbon trim is pleated down the front. Blue taffeta is used as trim and gathered at the base of the sleeves, with lace.The neckline has narrower lace around the neck to the point where the stomachers begin. Snaps allow exchanging the lace stomacher for the ribbon stomacher. Slits in sides of the skirt represent the old fashioned style of pocket.
Petticoat : Blue taffeta petticoat. Velcros at sides and is worn under the main gown. Lace Stomacher : Lace trimmed stomacher. Snaps to bodice of gown. Ribbon Stomacher : The pink ribbon stomacher has one pearl in the center of each row (it consists of three pink ribbons on the stomacher). It snaps to the bodice of the gown. Pinner Ca p: White pinner cap with lace trim and a blue bow tacked at back. It has two thread loops, front and back, to pin onto the hair with mini bobby pins included. There is also a blue ribbon choker with bow and faux pearl drop to fasten around her neck.
This is owned by our daughter, the original owner. It was purchased in addition to Felicity in October of 1992. Felicity is a retired Pleasant Company 19" doll. Everything is in excellent condition.