FELIX O'DAY Silent Movie MARGUERITE SNOW Glass Lantern Slide H B WARNER '20 Film

An Original American Movie Glass Advertising Slide
Here is an unique opportunity to personally own a piece of silent cinema history!
This is a RARE, vintage, coming attraction glass slide of the
original US release of the film from my extensive personal collection.
This is NOT a reproduction copy or reprint.
It's a wonderful promotional item that was sent to theaters to display on
the big screen and advertise the new motion picture release to the public.
This authentic, "coming attraction" glass slide was designed by the film studio and printed to promote the first theatrical release of a classic movie. The hand colored glass slide is ORIGINAL. It is NOT a reproduction, or commercial item available to the general public. It was created to be projected on the movie theatre screen before the film was released, to promote the "coming attraction". The fragility of glass slides make those that have survived (especially those in excellent condition) very rare pieces of film history. Surviving glass slides are much rarer than the paper poster memorabilia from the same film.
The graphic image of the slide often duplicates the design of the 11" by 14" title lobby card. Sometimes the design uses the graphics of the 22" by 28" half-sheet posters.
Movie glass slides were first made during the
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