FELO Painting Signed Well Listed Artist.

Felo Original Art Painting
Size 16 X 20
About the Artist
Felix (FELO) Lugo, is an award-winning artist and is best known for his use of strong color and interesting perspectives. He studied at New York Technical College and majored in Advertising Production Management. For 8 years, he helped produce posters and color-centered projects for organizations such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York Botanical Gardens, Guggenheim Museum and the MTA.
In 1990, Lugo was recognized for his professional efforts when he received the “Craftsman of the Year” award by the New York City Printing House Craftsman. This is a local club of The International Association of Printing House Craftsmen, a global organization dedicated to individuals in the graphic arts industry.
In 1992, Lugo co-produced a graphic book called “Barnabus”, which he showcased at the Long Island Sport Show. That same year he created a graphic printing process called “Reflecto Card Design” which uses offset printing with foil stamping, a design in use by all collectible sport card companies today.
His interest in painting began when he befriended Angelo Romano, an artist known for his angel frescos. It was with Romano that Lugo began to paint. Romano encouraged Lugo to continue painting and later introduced him to Esteban Navarro, Cuban born artist,
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