fender 1980s squier japanese vintage

heres something a bit special

i am reluctantly selling my pride and joy guitar

the neck is from a early 1980s japanese 70s vintage squier. its got the large headstock,bullet truss rod,ebony fretboard and skunk stripe.the origional hardwear was refitted after locking type were removed by the previous owner.he was a pro musician and used this for many,many years.it has been drilled for a 4 screw fitting for stability but has the origional holes still there.these were made in the early 80"s in japan by fender and were as good if not better than their usa brothers.its got loads of mojo-none of this "factory ageing" and even a burn on the headstock where the previous owner used to keep his cigarette - how cool is that !


google "japanese vintage fender"

ive seen these necks sell for nearly £200 on their own !

the body is new,solid,american ash bought from a custom guitar maker.its got a wonderfull grain and is excellent with no knocks or chips.it was bought to replace the origional that had been modified so much that it was no longer useable.

the hardwear consists of

fender 50s alnico v protone pickups,cts pots,oak switch, orange drop cap,vintage cloth wiring,fender vintage trem,fender scratchplate and plastics and squier
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