Fender Cyber Deluxe digital modelling combo amplifier

I'm not going to go into chapter and verse here as chances are if you are reading this, you will already know what you are looking at. To recap however, Fender no longer make this fantastic amp as part of their Cyber range, which is a great shame

Over the last few years I have tried literally every modelling amp on the market, some of which have cost significantly more than the Cyber Deluxe (Roland VGA-7, Fender Cyber Twin, Hughes & Kettner ZenAmp, Vox AD60 head, Line 6 Vetta, HD147 & Spider Valve (mark 1 & 2!) and can honestly say that in terms of ease of use, getting to great sounds easily, portability, MIDI connectivity, and overall ‘right’ feel, the Fender Cyber Deluxe is the best of the lot

It depends what you need of course, but take it from someone who has bought, sold, tried, kept, gigged and passed on lots of gear over the last few years (see my feedback!), this amp is a gem

So why am I selling it? Because I always have too much gear lying around, and am running out of room. I haven’t gigged this amp (it is my fourth Cyber Deluxe by the way – I sold the first to buy the Roland VGA-7, then the Cyber Twin, both of which I regretted and ended up with another Cyber Deluxe, which then went to make way for something else, blah, blah, blah…

Brief spec’s are thus:-

65 Watts
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