Fender Daphne Blue 69 Custom Thinline Telecaster Rare

Fender Thinline '69 Telecaster (Limited Edition)

A very rare version of the Thinline limited to only a few hundred made worldwide in Daphne Blue. The guitar is also a custom version of that already sought after guitar, as it has been re-wired and upgraded for more flexibility. A new hot rail pick-up was fitted in the bridge position so that it has a very interesting output depending on the setting.

When the selector switch is in position 1 it gives you the standard Telecaster style treble twang like that of a single coil, but when moved into position 2 both sides of the hot rail combine to increase the output and therefore effectively become a dual coil.......but due to their position can still give that classic telecaster sound, but more powerful. Position 3 gives just the sound of the neck pick-up on it's own. This therefore add's more amazing flexibility for a guitarist who wants to be able to create different textures, or rhythm to lead etc.

To add to the rarity, I actually bought this guitar from Paul Hemmings (ex La's & Lightning Seeds etc) who had used it live in the latter and other projects.

When dating the instrument on-line I think it's about 10 years old, but is in great condition with a low action. The only real ding is shown on pic 6 where there is a chip to the back corner of
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