Set of Fender Jazzmaster pickups, hand wound by Jess Loureiro. The bridge pickup works perfectly 100% and sounds awesome, but the neck pickup cuts out intermittently, I'm sure this can be fixed by someone with the correct know how. Thanks for looking. The specs are detailed below. Pickup set (neck and bridge) of the" Jazzmaster Original " model, hand wound by Jess Loureiro.

These pickups have single coil format and are made with the same materials and characteristics as those mounted on the pre-CBS era Jazzmasters ® . The pickups are potted in the right mix of beeswax-paraffin, which prevents the microphonic problems without reducing richness of sound. The coils are made from black "forbon" and they have vintage cloth-wire like the originals. They are wound by hand with 42 AWG Heavy Formvar wire, that gives a sound richer in harmonics and with a lot of "quak". The Alnico 5 magnets have been "calibrated" and charged one by one by hand, as they did in the 50´s. The neck pickup is RW/RP to get the "hum-cancelling" in the middle position. The set have a compensated output being 7,9k for the neck and 8,8 for the bridge.

Potted in beeswax-paraffin mix

Neck pickup RW/RP (hum-cancelling in the middle position)

Output: 7.9 k (neck) / 8.8 k (bridge)

Wire: 42 AWG Heavy Formvar

Magnets: "calibrated"
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