Fender Mustang '69 Reissue Guitar - Dakota Red

You are bidding on a wonderful Fender Mustang '69 Reissue in a stunning Dakota Red. This has been my number 1 guitar for a long time but in recent months (and due to not being as active musically as I used to be), the time has come to pass it onto someone who'll really use it.
This is a 'crafted in Japan' model. I bought it about 5 years ago, in used condition, and the condition hasn't really changed since I owned it. Overall it's in good shape, with the usual very, very light marks and a few tiny dints - but most of these are on the back of the guitar and practically not there until held to the light. I'm really being picky when trying to highlight any scratches, I just want to highlight everything - There's basically nothing to complain about!
There's two noticeable small damages to the guitar, which were on it when I purchased it. One is a little scrape to the body, above the scratch plate (I have pictured this), and the other is one of the tone switches has a bit of the plastic scraped and has became looser than the other. None of these little damages ever effected my use of the guitar during the whole time I owned it, but I'm sure if you wanted to get that switch tightened up, it may be a very, very simple job!
The guitar plays like a dream. Its tone is magnificent, and if you've ever played a Mustang
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