Fender Mustang III Guitar Amplifier Combo

I've very recently upgraded to a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe so this amp has to go to fund that purchase, hopefully before the credit card bill arrives :-)
It's a great amp, it's extremely easy to use but still provides an amazing amount of tones and effects. With this amp you don't need any other pedals or other ways to shape your tone, it's all there. I originally bought the amp new in March this year from Music Junkie in Leicester to experiment with different tones and effects, for which it was perfect. It comes complete with a two button footswitch, Fender Fuse and Ambleton software and a usb cable to connect to your computer. The amp comes with 99 presets, some of which I've amended but they will all be put back to the factory settings before sale.
It puts out 100 watts so is loud enough for rehearsal and small gigs, but the master volume control brings it all down to home/bedroom volumes for practice.
I've added a link below to the Fender site where you can find the full tech details and video demos. !
I have got the original packaging so shipment is possible but as the amp is quite large and heavy posting is expensive so collection from me at home near Peterborough or from work in central Leicester is a better option. If preferred I can deliver to within 5 miles of
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