Fender Rhodes 73 Mark 1 Electric Stage Piano

This item was bought for me a number of years ago by my father who is a musician. Unfortunately, I didn't really follow in his footsteps and it has hardly been used by myself, although I'm not sure how many owners have enjoyed it before me!
It has not been used for a while but there is a microphone included and all the keys and general appearance are still very clean. However, it does look like there are some drill marks which would indicate it has been used to house a microphone stand. In original case (couple of scuffs), have a look at the pics and we are happy for it to be viewed before buying.
Sorry for being so vague but this really isn't my area of expertise. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me because I know someone who will know the answer!
Due to size and weight this would be collection only.
Good Luck and

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