Fender Rhodes Mark II 73 Seventy Three Stage Piano Electric Piano 1981

Beautiful 1981 Fender Rhodes piano for sale. This piano is from a college where I worked as music technician about 10 years ago. The college owned it from new and it was never particularly popular with the music students who preferred guitar based music to anything conducive to the Fender Rhodes. Subsequently it spent most of its time flight cased up in the back of a room.

(video clip below demonstrates each note)


Points to be aware of:

-There's no sustain pedal. Frustratingly I couldn't find these when I bought it from the college. The sustain does work fine, I've tested it on numerous occasions by pushing up the push-rod hole. I've researched replacements and there's plenty of new old stock and reproduction ones available. Should cost £90 including postage to replace BOTH items:

pedal push rod : http://www./itm/FENDER-RHODES-Sustain-PEDAL-PUSH-ROD-Electronic-Piano-Keyboard-Parts-/161215781065?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item25893598c9

pedal : http://www./itm/Fender-Rhodes-piano-Sustain-pedal-by-Vintage-Vibe-/400242550259?pt=US_Other_Pro_Audio&hash=item5d3050a5f3

I have taken this figure into account with what I expect this instrument to sell for.

-At some point before I started working at the college, the original
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