Fender Stratocaster 1986 Japanese floating bridge Seymour Duncan


Welcome to my auction for my Japanese Fender Strat, made in the Fuji-gen plant in Japan.

Its in good condition especially considering its 26 years old, the quality of the guitar is great.

It has small minor scratches here and there and some slightly bigger nocks (pictured), also has some buckle rash on the back (also pictured).

The worst area is the bottom where the strap pin is, here there is quite a few dents and scratches.

Has a bit of fret wear especially the top frets, this can be seen in the picture.

Looks the part with its incredably shiney metallic blue colour, its also sounds great too with its Seymour Duncan vintage pickups.

The bridge pickup is an 80's Seymour duncan hotrail style pickup and the other 2 are 80's Seymour duncan single coil.

It has a fender floyd rose style floating bridge

Collection only

Any questions please ask!

Many Thanks,