Fender Telecaster.All USA Fender parts. relisted due to timewaster.

Hi. You are looking at a custom designed Telecaster, made from all USA Fender parts.
The body is a genuine USA Fender swamp ash which, as you can see has been stripped and has had 10 coats of beeswax before finally being buffed and given a thin poly finish. Prior to the finish being applied, an old map of Nashville, TN, had been aged and burned in places before being applied with epoxy resin. All of the USA metal parts,[bridge, steel saddles and Fender Gotoh tuners] have all been expertly aged to a relic finish. The original pots are upgraded to CTS 250's and the switch to a Switchcraft, 3 way vintage Tele. The chrome plate and control knobs have been aged to match the rest of the metal parts. The nickel topped humbucker and pickup surround have also been aged to a light relic finish, ie, worn but not battered.
The bridge pickup is from a MIM reissue and has a particularly nice deep and rich twang, unlike many that I've heard on modern Teles, which sound like a jar of extremely angry wasps on a very bad day. The neck pickup sounds very similar to a Seymour Duncan Jazz which I just installed in an Orville Les Paul. Very 'flutey' and perfect for blues and jazz. The mid position is fantastic, think Steve Cropper 'Soul Man' and youre almost there.
The C shape neck is a work of art! Taken from a Fender MIM Telecaster, the
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